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Every dog is unique and has its own personality, learning ability and temperament. Some have a short attention span, are hyper and may seem stubborn, whereas others have an easy-going, eager to please temperament. Some dogs are fearful or shy and have to build self-confidence, where others need to get a little “attitude” adjustment. We have successfully used training methods that work with a wide variety of dogs and owners. We modify our techniques to suit the individuals needs.

All of our Dallas area dog trainers have a thorough understanding of all training methods. During the Free Training or Behavior Evaluation, we will evaluate which training method is best suited for your dogs temperament, learning ability, and current problems.

Our training methods are based on an understanding of how animals learn and how dogs communicate with each other. We teach you how to communicate with your dog so you will have a long lasting and happy relationship with him or her. We strongly encourage voice training, as your voice is the only tool you have with you at all times!

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    This is how we like to start! It gives you an opportunity to have you and your dog meet a trainer to determine where we need to start.


    This program is a great combination of private lessons and board and train. And allows us more one on one time with your dog and can achieve obedience schools much faster than a private lesson program.


    A dog that is reliable and that can be trusted is one of the best feelings to have as a dog owner. This is one of our most popular training programs that delivers excellent results.


    This gives clients the opportunity to prove what their dog has learned in a way to get new skills along the way.


    Starting young is the key to building a bond with your new puppy! A strong foundation and obedience started early, will last a lifetime. This program incorporates a positive training approach.

    Meet Blayke

    Lead trainer at PK9 Dallas. With a lifelong passion for dogs, Blayke brings a wealth of experience to his work as a professional dog trainer. Born and raised in Washington, he grew up surrounded by dogs of all breeds, and his love for these loyal and playful animals only grew stronger over time. After completing his education, Blayke joined the Army, where he gained valuable experience working in a team environment and learned the importance of discipline and obedience. Although he did not work with the K9s, he witnessed firsthand the many benefits of having a well-trained dog.

    Throughout his military career, Blayke continued to expand his knowledge and experience with dogs. After leaving the Army and moving to Texas, he adopted his own two dogs and was eager to enhance his training skills. Blayke worked with a professional trainer for two years honing abilities in obedience techniques, counter conditioning, and working with owners to build strong relationships with their dogs. Blayke is committed to providing the highest quality training and care to all our client’s dogs!

    Happy Customers
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    "I love the combination of private and group classes enabling our dog to get comfortable handling a multitude of challenges. We saw a big difference in our pup pretty much after the first lesson. Highly recommend this place!"
    Sandeep Waghchoure
    "After only 4 private lessons with Jake, our dogs are able to be around each other within close proximity and live in the same household. After only one private lesson my dog was listening and responsive to commands. I am so thrilled with our experience at Precision K9 and we are so thankful. All of the staff are great trainers."
    Kelsey Weatherby
    "What a treat to bring Siska to a group class & actually be able to participate! Big thanks for your hard work with my anxious GSD. This has really changed our lives for the better! Thank you Precision!"
    Tamara Esquivel
    "I get compliments on Rocky's obedience daily in public. Everyone at Precision K9 is super knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly. Planning to return for advanced obedience and eventually personal protection in the future. Highly recommended this place to everyone I know with a pup!"
    Monica Patel

    We believe that a qualified trainer is capable of adjusting training methods to suit the individual dog’s and owner’s needs. It is not possible to fit one training method to all temperaments, breeds and issues dogs are experiencing. Therefore, we prefer to evaluate your dog first to determine which method is best suited to get the results you are looking for.

    Our Dallas training programs for dogs are recommended by area Veterinarians, Breeders, Groomers, and Pet Owners. We have clients not only coming from the entire Dallas area but also from all over Central Texas. Our extensive experience with behavioral cases and very high success rate is worth the travel time!

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